Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chic Reads - Thad Hayes and The Cultivated Life

In eager anticipation of an Amazon.com delivery:

Thad Hayes: The Tailored Interior 
Published by Rizzoli

Hayes interiors are handsome and timeless. They are an oxymoron actually as they are classic and contemporary at the same time. His clientele includes 10021 habitues and this book offers a rare glimpse into the rarefied world of the moneyed set.

The Cultivated Life: Artistic, Literary and Decorative Dramas 
by Jean Philippe Delhomme 
Published by Rizzoli

One of the foremost fashion illustrators, Delhomme captures the nuances, the drama, the glamor of living a fashionable life. His illustrations in this book also poke fun at our obsession with appearances and fashion labels. A delight to read and look at. 

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