Thursday, January 28, 2010

... And We're Back. Moving To Hong Kong Part 1

We've been missing for a few months due to lots of changes in our lives. We are happy to say that we have moved back to Hong Kong after two years in Singapore. Our moved happened about a week and a half ago. You would think that after moving several times we would have mastered the process. But that isn't the case.
We arrived at our apartment in Hong Kong that was furnished
with rented furniture until ours arrived. Thus, we had a bed that felt like brick, mismatch dining table and chairs, a TV console that was larger than the sofa and towels that had seen better days. It was a good thing that one of us had the foresight to bring with us our own towels, sheets and comforter. By that time we checked in at the airport, we had 10 checked luggage plus a dog.

Almost immediately, the whole process of putting the apartment together began. Two days after we arrived, my friend P, who is an interior designer from the Philippines flew in to help me sort out everything. There being no curtains in the guest bedroom, we spent his first day taping black cardboard on his windows. Followed by a meeting with a contractor who would do the paint job and the floor to ceiling bookshelves. We also spent several hours with a curtain maker who between showing us different fabric swatches and tassels revealed that her marriage hasn't been working for a long time and that she's found herself attracted to women.

Our furniture, home accessories and personal effects were delivered to us a week after we arrived. Some 200 plus boxes. The first day was madness as the rented furniture company had to pick up their stuff early in the morning to make way for our own. When our movers arrived half an hour after the furniture company had left every inch of the apartment was covered in boxes. It also turned out that we have accumulated an insane amount of art and framed photographs. Piled together, they ate almost a third of the size of the living room.
We spent four days sorting out the boxes, organizing the closets and the kitchen, deciding on where best to hang the art. As for the furniture, we already knew where everything was going as we had toyed with the floor plan for several weeks.

We leave you for now with images of the mess that is our apartment and sketches of how we envision it will be once we've cleared the rubble. We will also update frequently to show you the progress.

Handymen trying to sort out our chandeliers

The living room is one big mess at the moment

A rough sketch of my soon to be closet/home office

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