Friday, June 26, 2009

Chic Flick - Vogue The September Issue starring Anna Wintour trailer

After catching the Valentino The Last Emperor movie when we were in New York a few weeks ago, we kind of sad that we won't be able to see the Vogue movie The September Issue which will be shown in the US on August 28. 

For all the negative publicity and questions raised about her relevance, Anna Wintour for us remains the single most important name in fashion. She turned Vogue around and made it glamorous again after the reign of Grace Mirabella.

Our only beef is the actresses on the covers - especially July cover girl Sienna Miller (and cover of the September issue featured in the movie) who is dull, uninteresting and looks commonplace. Plus, she is really not doing anything significant or noteworthy.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer below. Haven't quite figured out how to attach a video just yet so hopefully this work. If not the link is below.

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