Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chic Inspirations - Women of Summer

Now that summer's here, we'd like to revisit images that evoke that All-American summer spirit: fresh, sunny and carefree. No other photographer captured this than Slim Aarons, photographer of high society. The photo above of CZ Guest and her son is probably one of the best examples of a true American summer. The overall feel of it: the blue of the pool and ocean water, the light and CZ Guest's all-white ensemble all add up to a fantastic image. 

The photo of Babe Paley below is also a source of inspiration. It helps that Aarons focused his lens on America's style icons whose homes were as chic as their wardrobes.

The photo of Marina Rust with her daughter below, though not photographed by Aarons, captures the same relax mood. It could very well be advertisement for Ralph Lauren or J. Crew. Rust, like Guest and Paley, is also a society woman who style is admired and emulated by many.

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