Friday, August 6, 2010

Chic Finds: Ceramic Garden Stools

About two weeks ago, I became obsessed with Chinese ceramic garden stools and couldn't sleep thinking about them. So I made the decision to purchase not one but two of them (they were on sale) at a store called Indigo at Prince's Building in Hong Kong. I went to the store intent on buying just one, (the blue one above) but then the shop clerk showed me one in metallic silver and as I love silver and shiny surfaces, I had to buy it as well. I think they are the chicest, mutli-purpose little things. They also have that timeless appeal and can fit into all sorts of design styles as you will see from the photos I've gathered below.

I found these at the Lane Crawford home sale. Pretty but I wanted something more classic. Plus, even at the sale price, they were still three times what I paid for the ones I got.

I like how this still feels contemporary despite being so traditional. I think it's the use of colors.

This stool fits perfectly in an elegant setting

Aerin Lauder has the classic Ming blue and white kind

They work great outdoors too

So chic!

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