Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fashion and Elephants

Sometimes I have the weirdest dreams. Last night, I dreamt of Dovima and the elephants, the fashion photograph of Richard Avedon that is timelessly elegant. One of the photos that really inspired me to pursue a career in fashion. I just love everything about the photo — the gracefulness of Dovima in her classical pose, the long sinewy gown and how all this soigne and even fragility is contrasted against the hulking size of the elephants. The silk and chiffon material of the gown against the wrinkled and weathered skin of the elephants. Brilliant contrasts.

Since then, elephants have been making appearances in several fashion editorials.

Daria for Italian Vogue

Daryl Hannah for Italian Vogue

Kiera Knightley for US Vogue

Naomi Campbell for US Harper's Bazaar

German Vogue

Chanel Iman for German Vogue

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