Monday, February 1, 2010


Sleeping has become rather difficult for me for the past couple of days. On one side of the bed is our Cavalier King Charles, Brighton, and on the other is side is BB. I am stuck in the middle with little wiggle room because Brighton likes to sleep horizontally, and BB is big-boned. Or so he describes.

But this isn’t the problem. The problem is that they seem to have a snoring battle every night. Who can snore the loudest and the longest? On the right corner weighing 175 lbs and has a deviated septum as an excuse is BB and on the left corner is the white and brown spotted dog who can launch into a snore fest as soon as he closes his eyes.

If you were to blindfold me at night, I would not be able to tell whose producing which noise as their snores both begin as muffled noises gradually increasing to the loud throat clearing kind, followed by a deep sigh.

Yes, our dog likes to sigh. He also makes a lot of odd noises like snorting like a pig, deep breathing as if he had asthma and he is prone to loud and rude sneezes typical of old Chinese men. He also has a habit of going on your head when you are resting on a pillow to sleep. He would rest his snout on your forehead or your ear and fall asleep. He is probably narcoleptic.

But he is cute and adorable. And could you possibly get angry at a dog who falls asleep like this?

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