Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monocle Shop: Yay or Nay

Readers of Monocle magazine and fans of Tyler Brule would be happy to know that a section of Lane Crawford Home at Pacific Place has been temporarily devoted to a Monocle Shop. It opens today until May 23 and carries a lot of utilitarian merchandise from totes to furniture to notebooks to briefcases to a small selection of Monocle-approved literature. Of course, complete issues of the magazine are also for sale.

I've bought Monocle several times but I never really enjoyed it. I found it too cerebral, and frankly quite boring for my taste. I also used to read Tyler Brule's column in the Financial Times Weekend edition but grew tired of it when all he ever wrote about almost every week was Japan this and Japan that. It felt like he was being paid by the Japanese government to say that all the best things are in Japan.

I've seen Tyler Brule in person couple of times in Milan during men's fashion week, at the shows or at the lobby restaurant of the Park Hyatt Hotel during breakfast. In fact, a couple of his invitations were accidentally sent to my room. He is a very good looking man and has great style and vision, I just wished there was more gloss to his new magazine.


  1. For your information, Tyler is paid by the Japan Tourist Bureau to promote the country

  2. Magazines in general are all quite boring. Monocle is no exeptions. I do enjoy the graphic design, clean aesthetic, and it's
    editorials tastes.