Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Single Stroke

One of the first things we ever bought for our Hong Kong apartment was this James Nares artwork. We were still living in Singapore when we ordered it from a gallery in the US. This was a couple of months before our actual relocation. We wanted the gallery to ship it straight to Hong Kong and so the art had to stay with them until we moved. Waiting for two months for an artwork was rather difficult as I wanted to see it hanging on my wall right away. I have have wanted a piece from James Nares for the longest time and I was over the moon when my wish finally came true.

How Nares work, according to literature I have read of him, is that he suspends himself from the ceiling and using a brush, he creates one single stroke across the canvas as seen below. What I like about his work is that you can feel the energy, passion and even emotion in that singular fluid brushstroke. It's as if every curve and stray ink has a meaning, a story to tell. Plus of course whatever symbolism you associate with the color. We chose green for our Nares because it's calming and draws you in. I quite like the purple and the fuchsia too (below). Maybe for a birthday gift?

Photo: Sebastian Guinness Gallery

Photo: www.amk.ch

Photo: www.suzannerandolphfinearts.com

Photo: www.karenmann.com

Photo: House & Garden

Photo: Elle Decor. Josie Natori's apartment

Photo: www.lendrumfineart.com

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